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Hello! My name is Dania Romero and I am from South San Francisco. I transferred to San Francisco State University fall of 2019. It’s my second year here and plan to graduate spring of 2021 with a Bachelors in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts. I’ve had a passion for news ever since I became a news anchor my senior year in high school. I love being in front of the camera and informing people on current events as well as giving people a voice to express concerns and awareness. My goal is to become a news reporter and anchor for a station here in the bay area. I’m fluent in spanish, so working for a spanish news station is something I am always open to. During my free time, I enjoy driving up to the city and trying new food spots with my friends. Soccer has been a part of my life for over 15 years so going out to the field and kicking the ball around is a top stress reliever. I was so exciting when I heard State of Events was going to be available this semester, as it’s a class I been looking forward to taking since I stepped foot into SFSU. I plan on providing the best content, and write/shoot compelling news stories for you this semester!


Caurraine Titus graduated from San Francisco State University where she obtained a Bachelores degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts with an emphasis in print and online journalism. She is on path to becoming a news anchor in the Bay Area where she was born and raised. Titus passion for news stems from her hobbies of writing, informing, and educating her community, especially marginalized people of color.While growing up,Titus’ desire to be a news anchor in the Bay Area also stems from the lack of representation she saw growing up in Oakland’s news media. Thus, Titus wants to be the change that she desires to see in the world, instead of waiting for someone to work up the courage to make a difference. She has experience in being on-camera talent, an assistant director, writing news articles, editing videos, and operating a camera.


Digital Creator, San Fransisco State University State of Events


Aspiring broadcast journalist and video producer.


Born in Fairfield California, Soad grew up watching baseball with her father. She quickly realized her love for the sport was more than a hobby and decided to make a career out of it. At her community college she enrolled in a sports broadcasting class which helped her practice her broadcast, reporting, and anchoring skills. She earned her entry level broadcasting certificate after finishing all requirements. She then transferred to San Francisco State University which helped her expand her skill set beyond being in front of the camera by establishing her editing, recording, and interviewing skills. She hopes to work for MLB network as a correspondent one day.


Yesenia is currently a communications senior passionate about empowering underserved communities through nonprofit work. As a BECA undergrad, she’s focusing on broadcast journalism in hopes to use her skills in content creation and storytelling to highlight the stories of those who are least represented. During her free time, she enjoys practicing self-care, such as: running, dancing, listening to music, and doing anything that makes her heart content. Yesenia is a strong believer that every experience, good or bad, brings a valuable lesson for personal growth.


April Scott is currently in her final semester at San Francisco State University. Since she was a little girl, she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life. She aspires to work in any television production show from producing, directing, editing, and maybe even on-camera work. April currently works as a production assistant at KPIX 5 News in San Francisco along with many fellow SFSU students/alumni. You can also find her on Netflix Original Series “13 Reasons Why” portraying a high school student throughout the series. She has a strong passion for the entertainment industry and loves content creating from TikTok and YouTube. April is so excited to be a part of State of Events where she can work with creative people around her, inspire one another, and tell a story.


Hello! My name is Logan Flair, and I am a third year BECA major at SF State. I grew up in both Portland, Oregon and Ventura, California prior to attending SF State. I am very interested in the world of sports broadcasting. When I got to San Francisco and saw the BECA department, I knew I had to switch my major from journalism to BECA. I hope to one day work with CSN Northwest and be able to cover my favorite sports team, the Portland Trail Blazers. Outside of watching sports, I love playing guitar and exploring different parts of the Bay Area.


Violet Bhojwani is a visual creator and video editor from San Francisco with skills in color correction and grading in DaVinci Resolve. She has honed a lot of her skills for circa 2 years through editing her own original projects in Premiere Pro as a one woman show; just putting her creations out there for the love of the creative process which she calls contagious. She is now a senior at San Francisco State University, working hard to foster her craft with various online learning avenues. She will be graduating in the fall of 2021. She hopes to continue cultivating her skills to eventually work at Studio Ghibli, in other cinematic films and features, or in avant-garde video productions for other talented growing artists.


Nuri Illini Ahmad is a Malaysian scholar majoring in BECA with an emphasis in electronic media journalism. She is a graduating senior at SF State and an aspiring video journalist. During her time at SF State, Nuri gained extensive reporting, writing, and storytelling skills in TV and radio news production. In BECA 560, she had the opportunity to work on an entertainment beat with a team and interviewed Emmy-Award winning actress and SF State Alum, Alex Borstein. Her work from this class also won the Best Radio News in 2020 at the annual SF State BecaFest. Given her upbringing in a diverse and multi-racial country, Nuri has a knack for pitching and producing compelling stories that examine society’s culture, controversy, and taboo. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue her goals at an online media company such as Insider Inc., NowThis News, and AJ+. When she’s not chasing a story, you can find her sipping a cup of tea, baking, or traveling.


Clarissa is a SoCal native who moved to San Francisco four years ago to pursue her dream of becoming a local news reporter. She’s been following her passion since she was 11 through her middle school and high school newscasts, and is currently completing her final year as a Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts major at San Francisco State University. Gonzalez works for local CBS affiliate KPIX as a production and licensing assistant and has dedicated her time in the newsroom to strengthening her writing and investigative skills. During her free time, Gonzalez loves to watch investigative documentaries, video-chat with her family back home, and spend time with her best friends. You can find her original reporting on Youtube at clarissagtv.

Kyle Viray-cruz is student at San Francisco State University. He is currently studying broadcasting and communications in order to apply this knowledge into creation of content for the general public. He hopes to one day work for one of the five major broadcasting networks and leave his mark in the industry.

Farrah Walton was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. She is a graduating senior at San Francisco State University with a major in Broadcasting and Electronic Communication Arts. She claims that the second she walked onto campus, she knew this is where she belonged. Growing up, the news was always on in the background of her day-to-day life and this greatly impacted her career decisions. Today, she aspires to become an entertainment news reporter. She enjoys the outdoors, a good iced coffee, and spending time with those she values most.

Samantha Panopio is currently a fourth year student at San Francisco State University and is graduating this Spring 2021. Her dream goal is to become an entertainment host and/or a producer for television or the big screen. She has passion for storytelling and a bit of research relating to entertainment news. Trying to break the scene, Samantha has launched her Youtube channel back in May 2020 but has taken a break due to school and work. She is set to relaunch her channel on Friday, February 26, 2021. You can keep up with Samantha on Instagram, Twitter and make sure to keep an eye out for her Youtube channel!

Sophia Roger is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a passion for disability right advocacy and telling stories about the communities around her. When she is not reporting the news, you can find Sophia editing footage, doing jigsaw puzzles, or traveling the world.

Shayne is senior at San Francisco State University studying Communications and Studio Art.

Melissa Quintana is currently a fourth year at San Francisco State University. She is from Los Angeles and is emphasizing in Public Relations and Marketing. She currently works as a campus manager for Amazon Prime Student and is interning for a true crime podcast. She wants to pursue her career in marketing and wants to ultimately work for a television studio in event coordination.

Hi! This is Christina Holiday Imeri. As a student, she is still learning about the world of Radio and Television but know it’s exactly where she should be. Originally intending to study marine biology, Christina decided to try something new during junior college. Remembering the aspiring journalist of her younger self, she enrolled in introductory audio and video courses at San Joaquin Delta College’s Radio and Television department. While still retaining a love of marine science, Christina found many other interests relating to audio/video fields. She is currently a senior at San Francisco State University studying within their Broadcasting and Electronic Communications Arts (BECA) program.

Austin Castro is a host, producer, journalist, and online content creator from Modesto, CA. He is currently in his final semester at San Francisco State University majoring in Broadcast Journalism. In 2016, he became a correspondent for The Filipino Channel’s “Adobo Nation” and began hosting “TAYO News” in 2019. Outside of school, Austin works as a Production Assistant at KPIX 5 News in San Francisco. Austin has also appeared as a contestant on shows such as “The Price is Right”, “Wheel of Fortune”, and “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

Clare Brennan is a freelance TV & news director and writer graduating from San Francisco State University this spring. Her past experience includes interning as a social media influencer and content creator representing XfinityOnCampus, editing original news packages, writing and directing student productions, and acting as Head of Promotions for the campus’s Gospel Gators choir of which she was a performing member. Her studies also include Criminal Justice, a topic she hopes to explore in her work along with music and the entertainment industry.

Broadcasting Major at SFSU ’22, sports enthusiast. I am a Junior in SF State’s Broadcasting program, I am hoping to work as a sports broadcaster or a tv sports personality. I love sports and have grown up playing a multitude of them, learning how they work and the ins and outs of them. I am stoked to be working on the State of Events team here at SF State and hoping to contribute and learn things that I can take with me throughout my career. I will usually be watching sports games, on social media trying to keep up with sports, working out with friends and cooking and eating.

Enjoy this semester’s State of Events!

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