Gov. Gavin Newsom update, Breakdown on the 4 Phase plan to re-open businesses in the “coming weeks, not months”

By: Jennifer Rios

Just this week Governor Gavin Newsom addressed Californians the path that we are on to the reopening of some businesses in a matter of “weeks, not months,” but not everything will be returning to operations all at once.

He addresses state residents letting us know, we are in phase 1, phase 1 of 4 as we will continue to move slowly towards reopening California. California Health Director Sonia Angell tells us the process in which will continue to ensure the safety of consumers and and workers to continue to be protected and prioritizing safety measures such as social distancing and continuing the work in progress of COVID-19 testing thus far as we begin to reopen California in the coming weeks.

According to Angell, per Newsom’s 4 Phases, in order to move forward to a possible ease on the shelter in place order limitations and the reopening of businesses require the cooperation of officials, business, and the public. The process will be addressed in a series of phases, these slow reopenings will be based on their categories and their risk factors associating with their operations.

Now, each stages addresses various sectors that drive the economy here in California. Moving towards opening up the economy, we will need to see certain actions intertwined with all sectors of a working economy to work together. And also measure to the checklist of what steps are needed to move towards the next phase and will also come with modification to the stay at home order.

Moving forward, stages will slowly be moved along the line from opening low risk workplaces and gradually towards the higher risk environments, and in the coming months eventually those high risk workplaces.

Newsom says we are currently on Stage 1, planning and preparing for the reopening of businesses in the coming weeks, for those in stages 3 and 4 may not come for the next several months.

Right now as a state we are wondering, just when is the state at home being lifted? The answer – there is no expiration date just yet. Newsom leaves Californians with the guidelines needed to lift the stay-at- home order, eventually.

Stay with Sate of Events as we continue to bring updates and more information as the next phases for the reopening of California in the weeks to come.