By: Jennifer Rios

Non-essential business closures in not stopping this local movie theatre from giving their residents their favorite goods – movie theatre popcorn. Mary Pickford Movie Theatre in Cathedral City, CA reopened its doors, not to the public – but for some butter-filled popcorn.

It was a busy two-weekend event as hundreds of locals lined up in their vehicle to pick their pre-ordered popcorn, drinks, and candy sweets. General Manager Tom Hanes says the idea the for “curbside popcorn,” came from a surge of requests from their own customers, just how can contribute to the local theatre and their employees. Hanes says after a whirlwind of calls from the public, he said the theatre company decided to host a two-weekend long event for curbside popcorn pick up. All proceeds would be a 100% contribution to their employees as they are currently not during due to the shelter-in-place was initially enforced back in March.

Hanes says employees were excited to come back to work, at least for the event, and be able to provide those sweets that locals have not been accessible for past several weeks. Following social distance orders and the safety guidelines recommended by the Centers of Disease Control. The local theatre chain says they look forward to one day reopening their doors again, but for now curbside popcorn could be the safest and efficient service to help our community and enjoy our movie theatre goods.