First Possible Coronavirus related death of a child reported in Los Angeles County

By: Brontë Sorotsky

This post has been updated upon the arrival of new information.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif.- Health officials in Los Angeles County announced Tuesday that a child has died from the Coronavirus. 

This is believed to be the first Coronavirus-related death of someone under 18 in the United States and brought the Coronavirus death toll in Los Angeles County to 11. 

The child who died was a resident of Lancaster, California.

UPDATE: The Los Angeles County health officials backtracked their report that the child died from Coronavirus, saying the death was possibly caused by something else. The health department did not release any details, but Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris told the Los Angeles Times the child had suffered septic shock. Parris said the child’s father has Coronavirus and his job caused him to have close contact with the public.