EXCLUSIVE: Tour Golden State Warrior’s new home in San Francisco

WATCH: Sports Reporters Nicole and Zach take an exclusive behind the scenes look into the construction of the Golden State Warrior’s new home in San Francisco

By: Zach Priest

In September, the brand new Chase Center Arena will open in the Financial District of San Francisco and be the new home for the Golden State Warriors. The state-of-the-art arena cost private investors 1.3 billion dollars to create. It’s the only Arena in the NBA that has been funded directly by private investors.  

The city of San Francisco has helped out by creating a Muni bus station that will drop patrons off at the main plaza. The arena will host over 200 different events each year with a maximum holding capacity of around 18,000. As opposed to the nearly 20,000 at Oracle Arena. This will create a more intimate and personal environment for fans, the Warriors say.   


Last week, Nicole Gitzke and I went down to the chase center for a tour of the arena. Our first stop was The Experience which is in a small office building right outside of the arena. There, our tour guide Anish began our tour. He explained that The Experience was an interactive preview of the stadium that they use to show season ticket holders and Warriors alumni. 

There was a hype video right as you walk in to pump fans up. That lead to an interactive diorama that was an overhead view of the arena. We were able to click through different events such as a movie release or concert and even a Farmer’s Market. This lead us into a miniature model of the stadium that you could spin and see what the view was from the seat on a screen in front of. Before looking at the floor layouts of the suites and heading to the arena, we had to try on some of the championship rings on display. 

Anish then took us to get fitted for safety gear ad we headed to the stadium. The arena is an active construction site and Anish explained that anyone on the grounds must be geared up. We then went around the outside of the stadium and showed us “The Gatehouse,” a staircase outside of the main plaza for fans to sit on that will double as a studio for the pre and post game show. We then headed into the stadium where we saw the main floor. Paved with only cement, plastic, and scaffolding; the hallow arena felt like the skeleton of a grand cathedral that was destined to be home to greatness.  

We continued the tour by heading to the side of the arena that looks out onto the bay. The city has also started making a ferry port for fans coming from across the bay. From there we headed to the actual suites that were finished and ended the tour there. We got back to The Experience office and returned our gear. On the way to the parking garage we theorized about the championships to be won there and the monumentous crowds it will attract. The Chase Center Arena is bound to be one of the next great landmarks of San Francisco.