How much money is going into the 2020 presidential election?

WATCH: Reporter Alexandria gives the rundown on democrats who have recently announce their campaign to run for the 2020 presidential election.

Your low down on the 2020 presidential election. Although the election is about a year away, twenty democrats and only one candidate from the GOP are running in hopes to take on trump.

All contenders who announced their campaign were required to report how much money they have raised between January 1st and march 30th of 2019. Final reports were submitted April 15th to the federal election commission. So how much have the candidates raised so far?

Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has collected a whopping $18.2 million for his campaign. Kamala Harris has also surpassed the $10 million mark, raking in $12 million to date. Former vice president Joe Biden announced his campaign just last week, and in the first 24 hours he was able to raise $6.3 million, which is more than 12 candidates have made in the first quarter alone.

Fourteen out of sixteen competitors are currently above the million-dollar mark. Mayor Wayne Messam has the lowest funding, with $40 thousand and former U.S. representative, John Delaney, at $400 thousand.

The money raised is no indication of potential success. Many candidates have been able to collect contributions from across the country through organizational donations and both small and large donors.

Majority of the money raised goes toward media advertisements, campaign expenses, and other miscellaneous costs. A comprehensive report on campaign spending is available online at