SFSU arrest on Tapia Drive

WATCH: Reporter Lisa Librenjak uncovers what the alert students received Monday Morning was all about.

At approximately 9:08 AM on Monday the 29th , UPD officers pulled over a white Mercedes Benz directly in front of the south entrance of the Humanities Building at San Francisco State University.

Records show the vehicle is reported stolen out of San Francisco so officers ordered the driver to exit,
but he refused.

Students parked along Tapia Drive had to wait for their car to be brought out by police since the road
was closed off.

The scene escalated quickly as the driver began making suicidal statements saying he wanted the
officers to shoot him.

Soon after, the driver voluntarily exited the vehicle and immediately attempted to retreat back into it.
A statement from San Francisco State University Police Department says based on the driver’s suicidal statements and the possibility of weapons in the vehicle, he was forcibly removed and taken into custody.

UPD is unable to identify the suspect at this time but will be available once he is booked into San
Francisco County Jail. After investigating, officials recovered no firearm. The suspect is not a SF State
student and is currently being held on a 72 hour mental health evaluation for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention at the San Francisco General Hospital.

The suspect is being charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and an outstanding warrant for his