Navigation Center plans for SF homeless

WATCH: Alexis dives into San Francisco’s plans for a Navigation Center on SF Embarcadero for the rising homeless population

Amid much debate from opposing neighbors, the San Francisco Port Commission unanimously approved plans Tuesday for the navigation center that will provide 200 beds for homeless.

The vote followed months long conversations and debate from nearby Embarcadero Residents and SF commissioners.

According to a report released by the Bay Area Council, the Bay Area has the third largest homeless population with at least 28-thousand of its citizens experiencing homelessness.

The council predicted that it would cost an initial 12.7 billion dollars to end homelessness in san Francisco. Plus a couple billion more annually for ongoing services.

The Bay Area group’s estimate coincidently came as the city requested to build a homeless navigation center in the Embarcadero. Navigation centers are unique in the  sense that they house homeless individuals along with pets for an extensive amount of time.

However, some members of the waterfront community are not particularly happy with the city’s proposition. They fear that the center will only bring crime and turn the community dangerous. In an effort to explain the proposal, Mayor London Breed attended a community meeting, but was shouted down by the angry crowd. Mayor Breed stated that every neighborhood should help with San Francisco’s homeless crisis. Opponents of the proposition have gone as far as to start a go fund me campaign titled ‘Safe Embarcadero For All.” But supporters did not stay behind and started their own campaign with a slightly different title “Safer Embarcadero For All”.

Homelessness is a topic that will  always be especially important in San Francisco. So if you have any thoughts or concerns about this topic, share with us by commenting below or reaching out on Social Media @SFSUStateofEvents.