A look into the Bay Area’s underground professional wrestling scene: Hoodslam

WATCH: Reporter Lisa Librenjak, visited an underground professional wrestling event in Oakland on Friday with one of our State of Events crew members, Chris Harris. Hoodslam has been going on for nine years and describes it as a diverse melting pot full of energy.

BY: Lisa Librenjak

Are you a fan of wrestling? Well you don’t have to be in order to come to the underground
professional wrestling event, Hoodslam.

Oakland’s Pro Wrestling Phenomenon, Hoodslam takes place every Friday at the Oakland Metro
Operahouse. The weekly event has been going on for nine years and continues to be a diverse
melting pot full of energy.

Dark Sheik, founder of Hoodslam says, “Wrestling in general, especially when we do it here, it’s
a perfect mix of athleticism and drama, it’s one of a kind.”

But without the energy from the host and the performers, Hoodslam would not be what it is today. The fans return it “10 full” according to “Broseph” Joe Brody, the voice of Hoodslam.

“The atmosphere in the room is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered in wrestling or anywhere else for that matter.” – “Broseph” Joe Brody, Hoodslam Host/Commentator

Every wrestler’s goal is to entertain and most importantly, make you feel a part of it. Hoodslam
is not your standard PG Pro Wrestling according to Wiggles, one of Hoodslam’s Referees. Most
of the people that come to the event have never been before. It’s a mixture of new and
returning people.

“When you work with people as well as the one’s that work here at Hoodslam, it’s kinda like a
poetry of motion. You just feel each other you just know what’s going on.” – Nuk Nuk Johnson, Hoodslam Referee.

At the beginning of a wrestler’s career they are mainly focusing on getting comfortable in the
ring so their true personality can show out.

Funny Bone, also known as “Your Demigod of Death” made history during his first appearance at Hoodslam in 2014. He married two women inside the wrestling ring to each other, the first ever same sex marriage in a wrestling ring in the history of professional wrestling.

You too can be part of Hoodslam’s history. Every Friday, in Oakland.

For more information on Hoodslam visit their website here.