Which sport yields the most injuries? A hint: Football is not at the top

By: Nicole Gitzke

WATCH: Sports reporter, Nicole Gitzke, gives us a look into the role injuries have on sports.

Warning: Graphic footage and hard for people to watch

NFL seems to have the most injuries out of any sport, but looking deeper into it, it is actually not. MMA is ranked the second most dangerous sport. Players experience so many blows to the head they are subjected to lacerations, concussions, and possibly serious long-term effects. Wrestling has an abundance of injuries. And gymnastics, which recently made the news, faces injuries anywhere on the body. These are just a couple of sports, but so many are not even thought about twice. The NFL received so much attention because of the popularity and it helped get the system to up the regulations for safety concerns. Currently, not much is known regarding these less popular sports and the after effects of wear and tear on the body. Hopefully with the knowledge of CTE on football players, something can change and make these sports safer for everyone in it.