SF Giants start the season with record low crowds

By: Zach Priest

WATCH: Reporter Zach Priest finds out how San Francisco Giants fans feel about record low crowds for the start of the 2019 season.

The San Francisco Giants are not doing well this season. After a slow start in San Diego at the beginning of April, leaving the series 1-2, they finally made it home a week ago for the first games of the season in San Francisco.

Although, it seems the fans might not know it’s baseball season as none of them are showing up. The Giants hold the MLB record for most consecutive sell out crowds at 530 straight home game sell outs.

However, when the first home games started this season, the ticket sales were not how they usually are.

Last week, the Giants carded their first crowd under 30,000 people since 2010, just two days before a young Buster Posey was called up to the major league club.

I went down to the Giant’s stadium Monday just days after the record low crowd was recorded. I asked the fans how they felt about it.

Their feelings resembled that of any loyal fan base. That this would weed out the fair weathered fans who only show up when they’re winning and that the ball park would now be filled with the true fans. Others took the optimistic route stating that there would now be more tickets for him and his friends to purchase and at a cheaper price as well.

This might be just what the Giants need though.

Ticket prices were at an all time high for the Giants these past few years because of their previous success.

When the teams play stopped matching the price of admission, the fans stopped buying tickets. With ticket sales on the major decline, this might need to be what happens for the prices to lower and allow more people access to the park.