Anti-Abortion Rally held at SF State has students outraged

WATCH: Reporter Alexis Gonzalez finds out who’s behind the Abortion presentation on SFSU’s Quad and talks to students about how they feel

By: Lisa Librenjak & Alexis Gonzalez

The Center for Bio-ethical Reform began anti-abortion presentations yesterday, April 15th and will continue on to tomorrow on San Francisco State University’s quad.

The presentation is called the genocide awareness project and includes graphic anti-abortion displays. There are warning signs leading up to the quad but not very many of them.

This is resulting with students who are furious. They think that they should not have to find an alternative route to get to class in order to avoid this and that it did not prepare them at all for what was coming.

Because SF State supports and promotes freedom of expression and assembly by all students, the group is entitled to present their materials on campus consistent with SF State’s campus and faculty policies.

Students are expressing their opinion on the explicit material and apparently has provoked strong reactions on other campuses in the past.

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