Growing Agriculture in Yolo County

By: Lisa Librenjak

Just a few hours away from San Francisco, Yolo County continues to grow in agriculture. UC Davis is just one example. Not only do they have a Sustainable Food and Agricultural Program, they also have a Dairy Teaching and Research Facility allowing students to learn in areas including nutrition, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, genetics, and herd health. The cows are milked two times a day and the milk is sold to Hilmar Cheese Company located in California.  

Just around the corner from Dairy Road in Davis, you can find tons of farms such as Vann Brothers Almond Orchard. But without the help of tractors, harvesting would not be as easy as it is today. Leveling the land is key when it comes to farming. There’s many different weather conditions and soil types. For example, down in the delta there’s a lot of peat ground which is very organic and fine. That ground is farmed when it gets slightly wet, but when it gets dry it becomes dust. Most of the farmers up in Northern California are much larger than down in the delta.  

Tractors are the backbone of a farm and serve the widest range of functions. Without their help, fresh produce at local farmers markets would not exist. Tractors are making farms extremely efficient and are a major factor to growers in order to maintain an environmentally friendly environment for their crops.