Youth across the world rally for action on climate change

By: Alexis Gonzalez

Hundreds of students all across the world demanded that politicians endorse the green new deal.

The Bay Area was one of the hundreds of countries where youth rallied for climate change action.

“It’s impacting everyone, no one is not affected by climate change”, said student activist Poppy Gallegos-Zingarelli.

Recently introduced by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey, the Green New Deal is a bill that aims to cut carbon emissions, while also focusing on minority communities. Especially those in Oakland that are already suffering from pollution and chronic lung diseases such as asthma.

Student activist Hannah Estrada is confident the Green New Deal will deliver justice. “It’s gonna secure the prosperity of communities of color. It’s inviting communities of color to the conversation, its making space for them at the table.”

At the Fourth annual MLK Now Event in January, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked about the 12 year mark Earth has if climate change is not urgently addressed.This resonated with the youth.“We have 12 years to protect our planet, to save our future, and we’re calling for urgent action together”, said seventh grade student Samantha.

Parents are also concerned about their children’s future. Lisa Garbus, a mother attending the protest reminded us that the youth are our future.“They are the ones that we’re giving this Earth to, and they will inherit it in whatever conditionwe leave it.”

Young people across the planet made it clear that Earth is definitely something they will continue to fight for.“The youth all being connected and knowing that our future is in danger, is taking all of this to the next level, said Youth vs. Apocalypse member Kristen Tam.

Youth vs. Apocalypse will continue to host events throughout the Bay. For more information on the Green New Deal, you can check out the site here.