Bay Area man paid for his daughter to get into USC by photoshopped waterpolo photos

By: Zach Priest

Around 50 people were charged with fraud in mid March. This came in loo of the Operation Varsity Blues scandal that swept the nation. A scandal that brought to light terrible events that occurred in admissions offices around the country.

Among these 50 people was a Bay Area man named Agustin Huneeus, a Napa Valley vintner, who was charged with two counts of Fraud.

The first was in the form of a $50,000 check that was sent to a man who had the power to influence SAT scores. When the results came in, Huneeus found out his money had gone for not. His daughter scored a 1345 instead of a 1550 that he was promised.

His next move? Photo shopping his daughter’s face into a high school water polo picture, along with creating fabricated statistics and accolades. He threw in another $100,000 check in hopes of admitting his daughter into USC. It is unclear the events that lead to his demise, but he was ordered to show up at this last week in San Francisco. The judge ordered that the trial continue at the next level and has been moved to Boston.

Athletic director at SF State, Brandon Davis commented on the issue saying, “San Francisco State Athletics condemns the college admissions scandal brought to light by the FBI investigation, ‘Operation Varsity Blues.’ The scandal has put a blemish on well-respected colleges and universities across the nation and we are proud not to be included in this widespread scheme. SF State does not condone unethical behavior by coaches, officials, or parents that would alter the integrity of the college admissions process.”