A Week in Tech: Live streaming a terrorist attack, history’s longest Facebook outage and the new Tesla Model

By: Lisa Librenjak

There’s a lot of controversy going on with social media platforms at the moment. After the live-streaming video of the terrible tragedy in New Zealand spiraled on Facebook and other social media sites, some people are upset with how these corporations are handing it.

Streaming the New Zealand Terrorist attack on Social Media

The 17-minute video taken by the suspect’s helmet was live streamed on Facebook, uploaded on YouTube, and amplified on Reddit. This show how easily the largest platforms can still be misled. Live video has been one of the biggest drivers of growth for Silicon Valley. But, many people are outraged that the video was still circulating after it was flagged.

The video continued to show up on user’s Facebook pages with a warning about graphic content but simply has a button on the right-hand corner that says ‘uncover’ to click and see it. For it’s part, Facebook says that they removed the shooters social media pages quickly after New Zealand police alerted them as well as removing any praise for the crime on user’s accounts.

History’s Longest Facebook Outage

Only two days before the attack in New Zealand, Facebook experienced it’s longest outage in history and says it’s a result of a server configuration change. Billions of usersworldwidewere unable to access the social network as well as other Facebook owned sites such as WhatsApp and virtual reality company Oculus.

These issues are now resolved Facebook states in a tweet and apologizes for the inconvenience.

New Tesla Model Announced

Elon Musk recently unveiled the new mid-size electric SUV, the Model-Y on Thursday the 14th. This is the most-affordable Model Y with a base price of 39 thousand and a 230-mile battery range.

Some unanswered questions are still in the air such as where they will be made and how quickly Tesla can crank them out. People are also worried over limited charging stations, the automaker announced that it’s launching more powerful charging stations that could restore as much as 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes.