What is going on in Venezuela

By: Alexis Gonzalez

The crisis in Venezuela deepens as it enters its sixth day without power. Venezuelans, are struggling with simple day to day tasks due to the lack of electricity, water, and food. Overall, no power equals; no phones, internet, banks, and credit card machines. People’s ongoing hunger and inability to acquire money from the bank, has resulted in supermarket lootings and an overall state of panic.

At least 21 people have been reported dead in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. Disputed president Nicolas Maduro believes the blackouts are a result of cyber attacks by the United States. Although evidence has not been presented, Maduro has given American diplomats 72 hours to leave the country.

Fatal Plane Crash in Colombia

Plane debris in Colombia

All 12 passengers aboard a Colombian plane resulted dead in a fatal crash.

The plane was head to Villavicencio from Jose Del Guaviare on Saturday and the emergency was reported around 10:40 a.m, more than halfway through the flight. The CivilAviation Authority reported the plane was found in La Bendicion, near Villavicencio.

Estacion Federal Plaza

Estacion Federal Plaza

At an attempt to revive Mexico’s side of the Tijuana border, self proclaimed “border baby” Miguel Marshall, invites everyone to visit Estacion Federal Plaza. Marshall, launched the project with the hopes of creating a binational border. Bringing Americans and Mexican together through good good and drinks. If you are ever looking for an instagram worthy trip, Mr. Marshall guarantees you will not be disappointed.