Plans to build ‘tiny homes’ for homeless youth in the East Bay

By: Lisa Librenjak

Youth homeless is on the rise in the east bay. Some believe tiny homes could be part of the solution. One organization is taking that vision a step further.

Tiny House Village Prototype Photo: Youth Spirit Artworks

The nations first prototype of a Tiny House Village for young people has begun construction in the East Bay.

How tiny you ask? Each tiny home will be 8 feet by 10 feet and furnished with lofted beds, windows, a skylight, storage and electricity. On site, there plans to be communal bathrooms and kitchens as well as a space for community meetings.

The main qualification to get one of the temporary homes is you have to help build it.

The cost of materials is about $12,000 each and it takes a team of 15-20 volunteers about 5 to 6 days to build each one. The plan for phase one is to raise several hundred thousand dollars more in donations to help build the first village of 25 in west Oakland. 

The Tiny House Village was proposed by Youth Spirit Artwork in order to conquer the increasing rent and affordable housing in the Bay Area. Oakland Unified school district says there are over 900 students who do not have a stable living environment and YSA believes this can solve the housing issue.

YSA plans to create 100 new homes in the next 10 years but are still at the first phase of trying to fundraise several hundreds of dollars.

For more information visit Youth Spirit Artwork’s website.