Post Study Abroad Blues

By: Lisa Librenjak

Post-travel blues are common after being overseas for quite some time. Young students who travel abroad discuss some of the difficulties they encounter once they return home.

Samantha Burdette, a senior at SF State talks about reverse culture shock after coming back to the life she once use to know.

Traveling allows people to expand their mind and experience new things.

Samantha Burdette

Chloe Jacobson tells me that the reason she loves traveling so much is because everyone who travels basically speaks the same language. Not as in French or Spanish, but as in having the same mind set and wanting to discover new things. Trying to find a job, housing, and basically getting back into the hang of things can catch up to you after touching home soil.

Katherine Butler, a Psychotherapist for adults, children, and families, acknowledged that it can be hard and advised to be gentle with yourself and give it time.

San Francisco State’s Office of International programs offers a one-unit post study abroad workshop for those who want to continue reminiscing and readjusting back home.

For more information on this course or interested in study abroad, you can check out the Office of International Programs’ website.