Students outraged to find out about a nearby shooting via Citizen App

By: Lauren Gee & Samuel Chua

On Monday evening at 7:30 pm San Francisco police responded to a reported shooting in a house on Serrano drive, right next to San Francisco State’s campus. Officers arrived on the scene and found a woman in her 20’s with a gun shot wound on her upper torso. The victim was taken to the hospital and official say it is not a life threatening injury.  The male suspect also in his 20’s knew the victim and fled the scene.

Video and updates through Citizen App alerted nearby students living in Park Merced and the reports of a shooter near campus alarmed students. The campus-wide alert system remained silent.

Three hours later, University police released an update confirming the shooting that happened near campus.

Meanwhile, students took to twitter their frustration over a possible shooter close to campus with no alerts from the university.

Many complained that the school was able to alert students of a campus-wide power outage via test message, email, phone. Oppositely, during a situation like this, they were left unaware of what was going on for three hours.

The day after, the university released a follow-up stating “the campus was and is in no danger from last night’s events”

The lack of official alerts from the university left students concerned. Should SF state have alerted students right away even though the incident did not happen on campus?

Brianna Martinez, a San Francisco State Student, tells me that she is very angry at the school for not notifying students about the incident until three hours later. The incident is only one block away from the main campus and down the street is University Housing. Students are very concerned about their safety as the suspect could have ran into campus risking their lives. 

University Police did not give us a comment on the situation. However, there are other alternatives for students to get up to date notifications on incidents that are happening around campus.

Students can use the Wildfire App or the Citizen App to inform them about incidents occurring around San Francisco State. These applications can be used to help students and residents of San Francisco State inform each other about what is going on whenever there is an emergency.