Increase in E.coli Breakouts

By: Alexandria Hernandez

Every year it seems as though produce is pulled off the shelves at grocery stores due to an E. coli outbreak. According to the CDC, last summer 210 cases were reported in the U.S.  

“We either buy organic, or when we don’t buy organic, we just make sure we wash it thoroughly before we eat it. Even though it says triple washed.” 

Linda, a local resident, says she wants to know why outbreaks occur so often. 

“I don’t know how it started, ya know? You don’t hear. Is it from water? Is it pesticides? I think if you buy organic you don’t really have to worry about E. coli.  

Last year right before the holidays, Adel Awadalla’s business was effected by an E. coli outbreak.  

“When this thing went away, I went to buy a box. It was like 50 dollars, when I use to get it for like 15, 16 dollars.”  

Jessica Beattie is a nurse practitioner at San Francisco State University, she explains the effects of E. coli.  

“The bacteria infects your intestines, it gets swollen, inflamed, it gets irritable. It can be from meat, produce, from touching animals. 

To prevent contamination the CDC recommends washing hands before and after preparing or eating food. Also store fruits and vegetables away from meat or raw food.  

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