SF State student used his experience of discrimination at the student health service to create change for all

By: Jessica Mojonier-Horta

SF State joined forces with San Francisco Aids Foundation to hold an on campus event providing free HIV and STI testing for students. This event was organized by SF State student, Jose Francisco in efforts to provide accessible and free sexual health screenings to students who aren’t eligible for the free services on campus.

Not many know that sexual health screenings at the student health center only cost for some. Until now, this issue affected numerous LGBTQ+ students at the university.

San Francisco State will now offer free HIV and STI testing to all students no matter their sexual orientation.

Last year around this time Jose Francisco was denied free testing at the student health center. He applied to a government funded program that provides free services for heterosexual men and women concerned about reproductive health. When he was asked about his sexual orientation during the application, he was honest and told the nurse that he is gay. This ultimately led to him being denied the service and ended up with a $200 bill.

He then wrote about his experience in an article published on Golden Gate Xpress. This article received a ton of attention.

Fast forward one year later, all SF state students are now able login to MyHealth on the student health services website and schedule an appointment for a sexual health screening that is free of charge.

Jose’s year of tireless advocating for equality ultimately lead to University officials working with The City’s Department of Public Health to make health services at the university fair for all.

Jose said, “I’m really joyous and thankful to see not only my event flourishing with sf aids foundation being here today and seeing students get tested, but also for future generations of sf state students to have that service and not experience what I had to experience and other students had to experience, sitting in that clinic and being told that due to your sexual orientation that you are not able to access free services here on campus.”

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