San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors Vote 6-5 to Spend $1.1 Million Dollars on Street Cleaning

By: Sara Sullivan

The San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors may not all be in, but it sure makes a statement. Last Tuesday, the supervisors gathered in a meeting to discuss the dangers of having a city with dirty streets. According to the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit, a mix of used needles and human feces are scattered within 153 blocks of San Francisco. And in Downtown San Francisco, trash and cigarette butts are found along almost every street. The Board of Supervisors want to add at least 19 additional street cleaners to tidy up the streets.

Interim Mayor Mark Farrell states that he is planning to veto this cleaning plan. The spending budget has increased majorly from $33.4 million during the 2012-2013 year to $65 million for this year. More meetings will continue within the month, specifically about the homelessness issue and what to do about the dirty streets of San Francisco.

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