New BART Program Aims to Keep Elevators Clean

By: Vorani Khoonsrivong

BART might look the same but it won’t be smelling the same.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency approved a new program to keep the elevators clean.

Staff will stand around and in the elevators to stop people from urinating and defecating in them.

They will monitor it every day from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m.

It’s a long standing problem for both people with disabilities and the homeless.

Reactions are mixed. Residents like Jennifer Edwards think SFMTA needs to think of something more long term that benefits everyone.

“They should get them some restrooms and a timeframe to be in there and out of there,” she said.

The program goes into effect later in the month on Monday through Thursday. Trial rounds start at Powell and Civic Center. If successful, SFMTA will add attendants at other stops.

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