From movies to music, the next Indiana Jones might be a woman and who’s performing at Coachella this weekend!

By: Jessica Mojonnier

The gender inequalities in the film industry are no secret and seeing a women play the lead character in a superhero movie or action flick hasn’t always happened. Movies like Wonder Woman have made their mark in the film industry and are showing girls that they are strong as well.

The Indiana Jones movies franchise could be next.

American filmmaker Steven Spielberg says that the next Indiana Jones could be a woman. Spielberg said that they would have to change the name from Jones to Joan and that there would be nothing wrong with that. Filming of the 5th movie will begin next year and Spielberg says that this will be Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones movie, but that it will definitely continue on. That is when the director will decide whether to go ahead with “Joan” and once again lead the way in putting words about hollywood equality into action.

From movies to music, this weekend is the world famous music festival…Coachella. Last year Beyonce cancelled since she became pregnant with twins and of course we could all understand, but this year she is making up for it.

TMZ reported that beyonce hired almost 100 dancers just one weekend before the festival. If that means anything, I think we can all agree she is going to go all out and give fans an unforgettable performance!

Cardi B is also set to perform at Coachella this weekend and this past weekend she announced her pregnancy on Saturday Night Live! If you haven’t noticed already, she did it in a way that was similar to how Beyonce announced her pregnancy the first time around, on stage during a performance. So fans might be wondering how Cardi being pregnant might affect Coachella…

Thus far, she’s only cancelled one date of a festival in July, and the announcement came Monday from the festival, not from her. So the odds at this point seem pretty high.

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