By: Jessica Mojonnier

On Wednesday, a California judge temporarily ruled that all coffee companies in California will be required to post a proposition 65 warning that their brew may contain a chemical that is known to cause cancer.

This decision is the outcome of a lawsuit filed in 2008 by a california-based nonprofit. 
The chemical is called acrylamide and it is a compound that is produced naturally in the production of certain foods, and the roasting of coffee beans just happens to be one of them. 
In the ruling, the judge said that the coffee companies didn’t show enough to prove that coffee isn’t harmful. 
Although this lawsuit targets big companies like starbucks, it’s result could  possibly affect small businesses all over california as well.
The owner of Andytown Coffee Roasters here in San Francisco says that if it comes down to it, small businesses like Andytown will have to comply and post the warnings. Michael mentioned that there are many layers to this story and that the lawsuit’s intentions seem unclear.
It was found that the non profit and the lawyer who represents them, share the exact same address. Skeptics are questioning their intentions calling “such lawsuits an attempt to grab a giant bag of money.”
Starbucks employee Allison Boland says, “I thinks it puts the thought into customers head, but at the end of the day people still want their coffee. Getting cancer is not going to stop them cause potentially at this point what doesn’t cause cancer.”
The judge has given coffee companies a few weeks to file their objections before the proposed ruling is finalized. 

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