Building Heights in SF

By: Lauren Gee

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In January, Senator Scott Weiner proposed senate bill 827 which increases building height limits to a minimum of 85 feet if they are in a quarter mile radius of public transportation lines in San Francisco. The new bill is proposed to help solve the city’s housing crisis and create affordable housing, but many people fear that the new zoning law will change the feel of the city and even cause community displacement. The neighborhoods that will face the most change include the Sunset, Richmond, Twin Peaks and Castro district which have mostly single-family houses and couple unit duplexes.
Many see the positives to this bill because it provides more housing which makes more opportunities for housing to become cheaper and it encourages people to live near and take public transportation which lessens fossil fuel emissions.
In the outer sunset, many developers have already found ways to create more housing. Two gas stations in the neighborhood planned to be removed and replaced with luxury townhomes and condos and many Sunset district residents and neighbors have their opinions.
Neighbor Shea R. who lives right next to the gas station shares:
“It’s pretty dissappointing. I think that they’re going to knock it down for a 17unit luxury condo with two storefronts with no proposed parking, it’s going to make this area more congested. It doesn’t fit in this area.”
Another neighbor who lives across the street sees this as an opportunity to have more business come into the quiet area.
“The condos will be so expensive that my friends won’t be able to afford to buy it. I’m torn I like the idea of more business being there because that means this area becomes a little more vibrant. I want a restaurant there.” says Abe L.
Stripping single family houses and replacing them for sky risers has its pros and cons. With higher and a denser housing population, it helps to populate more public transportation but also leaves many upset with their feel of the neighborhood changed. Some neighbors are so angry at the proposed bill and plans that developers are making, so they created an online petition that is going around to try and stop the plans for luxury townhouses.
Changes in the neighborhood are not happening immediately, but in the next few years, you may expect to see the rise of different neighborhoods that you never knew existed. Will this help with the housing crisis or will this idea completely change the chill vibes in the Outer Sunset?

According to SF Examiner, Senator Weiner is currently creating amendments to back up his bill and give property rights to current tenants.

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