Russian Hill Reservoir

By: Sara Sullivan

The Russian Hill Reservoir in San Francisco is on it’s way to a major change: it will be

converted to a Francisco Park. The announcement came from San Francisco’s Parks and
Recreation Department, stating that Park Commissioners agreed to the park on a 6-1 vote.

The reservoir has been located near the Embarcadero district for about 60 years. While it is a
historic landmark, the reservoir is described from neighbors and tourists as very unpleasant to
look at. Besides the rusty gates and graffitied signs, tourists often still visit the area due to its
magnificent view of the pier and ocean.

The conversion of the Russian Hill reservoir has been in talks for years according to neighbors
living in the area, but nothing was ever done. There are many individuals to thank for the
upcoming project. San Francisco Interim Mayor Mark Farrell states that he has been trying to
get something started on this space for years. Park Conservancy board member Bruce Keene,
who also happens to live right behind the reservoir, also fought for a change of scenery for
years as well.

The project is set to feature many hot spots such as a playground, a dog park, pathways, and
more. The Board of Supervisors and Parks and Recreations need over $25 million dollars to get
a start on the project, and reports state that they are currently at $9 million. As they get closer,
the project is rumored to get started later this year.

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