Google’s New Features

By: Sara Sullivan

Google, as usual, is taking their company to the next level recently announcing that they is making even more improvements to their search feature, “Google Flights.”

Google Flights is best known for giving their users better prices and deals on potential flights and hotel reservations. Now, Google says they will upgrade their search engine by notifying travelers if their flight is delayed faster than the airline itself. Even if the flight has an 80% change of getting delayed, Google Flights will still notify you. Google claims that they can make these accurate notifications by using historical data and knowledge of current conditions to determine the chances of a flight getting delayed.

While Google is helping its travel users, they also are assisting our country’s leaders. Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced this week that the company is giving its assistance to the Department of Defense. Google is providing artificial intelligence software tools to the department of Defense for an analysis of military drone footage, known as “TensorFlo API’s”. These systems will enable the military to run through the drone’s footage, identify an object of interest, and flag it for a trained human analyst to review. However, Google claims that it’s partnership with the Pentagon is only a pilot, and that the software are only used for non-offensive uses.

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