Oscars Roundup

By: Lauren Gee

Oscars Roundup

Sunday was one of Hollywood’s biggest night where many gathered to celebrate the 90th academy awards. Jimmy Kimmel finessed his opening monologue as he hosted for the second time. He addressed the envelope mix-up from last year and the pressing sexual harassment and gender equality issues within the industry. Aside from the various political jokes about Weinstein & Trump, Kimmel also made jokes about the nominees and revealed that the winners with the shortest acceptance speech would take home a jet ski.

With much anticipation and controversy over majority white representation at the Oscars over the past years, the Academy did their best to include diverse winners and presenters. Mexican director Guillermo Del Toro’s took home Best Picture and Best Director for his movie, The Shape of Water.  Jordan Peele, became the first African American to win Best Screenplay for his thriller, Get Out.  Disney’s movie, Coco which is centered around Mexico’s day of the dead, won Best Animated Feature film.  And Kobe Bryant took home Best Animated short for his film Dear Basketball.

Frances Mcdormand, who won best actress for the movie, 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, had one of the best acceptance speeches. She left the audience with the words: “inclusion rider” which referred to an actor’s contract agreement to hire a diverse cast and crew.  This was the movie industry’s goal for 2018, however there is yet to be a best colored or women director!

The 2018 academy awards ended with Mark Bridges who designed the costumes for Phantom thread winning a jet ski for delivering the shortest speech for Best Costume.

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