Sports Roundup

By: Vorani Khoonsrivong

Spring training is in full swing for baseball. The San Francisco Giants continue their busy schedule with games against the Rangers over the weekend.

Highlights include Evan Longoria swinging to first pitch. He drives deep to right center field and carries it all into the ball pen.

The Giants score four more home runs to beat the Rangers 9-4.

The Oakland A’s are 2-3-1 so far but health is more important than its record. Players report minor back injuries including from pitchers Sean Manaea and Daniel Gossett. Let’s just hope things get better before the season starts.

In NFL, the Niners won the coin toss against the Raiders for this’s Draft. The Niners pick at No. 9 while the Raiders go at No. 10.

And finally in Soccer, Mexico seeks redemption at Levi’s Stadium. They play against Iceland for a key game on their road to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. This is the first Mexico plays in the Bay Area since the 2016 Copa America Centario. They play Iceland on the 23rd.

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