Central Valley Challenged by Drought

By: Vorani Khoonsrivong

California might be running dry again. But the Central Valley is prepared.

Wineries like Abundance Vineyards in Lodi find other ways to get water for the grapes.
The water used comes from two locations: river flow from the Delta and Sacramento River
During January and February, farmers at the vineyards prune the grapes. This helps them grow
for the next season.
Despite frosty temperatures the grapes were unaffected. Almond and cheery trees were not so
There are sti
ll issue with less rain. The soil needs to be diluted in the Spring for the grapes to
thrive. With dwindling groundwater rain is highly sought.
There is a bit of good news.
Rain is coming for parts of the Central Valley but there needs to be a substant
ial amount. If
temperatures continue to stay in the low to mid 30s, expect to pay more for that bottle of
Cabernet Sauvignon and almonds.

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