Historic Preservation Commission Votes to Remove Controversial Statue

By: Jessica Mojonnier

The city of San Francisco has moved one step closer to removing a controversial statue in the Civic Center. 

This statue has caught the attention of many here in San Francisco. It is called “Early Days” and  is part of a larger monument depicting the conquest of California. It shows a Native American man on the ground with a Spanish vaquero and a missionary standing over him. 
This statue is offensive to many, and critics are saying it symbolizes genocide. All 7 members of the Historic Preservation Commission have voted to remove the statue.
Interim mayor Mark Farrell joined in efforts to remove the statue honoring the requests the late mayor, Ed Lee. 
In a letter to the Historic Preservation Commission, Farrell wrote
“Before his passing, Mayor Lee publicly called for the removal of this statue and I am proud to carry this effort forward.” 

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